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MEAN & MERN Stack training in Kochi

Best MEAN/MEARNstack with Angular 
                        Javascript React Nodejs Mongodb Training in Kochi,

MEAN Training with javascript Full Stack

(6 Months)

500% More industry relevant contents in our Syllabus.

What is MEAN Stack

MEAN and MERN Stack is a Javascriptbased full stack development platform. This stack is used by more than 70% software development companies. Javascript is the most adopted and used computer programming language nowadays. Typically in a web application there will be at least three tiers. Front-End, Middle ware and Persistence Tier. Traditionally in web applications, Views are created using generation of HTML elements. There HTML generation was done by running some server side logic/code. It is a waste of resource and dealy in response, When the same view is generated multiple times to different users. It is good to have all these views are pre-constructed and download it from some static web-servers instead of really to hit the application. Thus the load on the application will be less. There will be typically mutliple facaded web servers where by these staic assets are deployed or it will be pushed to CDN networks. MEAN Stands for four different technologies such as:MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node.js
MongoDB as a High Performance Data Processing system:

MongoDB is a NoSQL document based Data base. It facilitate Master/Slave configuration in a better cluster topology like replications and sharding. To have huge volume of data to search and filter or aggregate MongoDB is the best choice. MongoDB stores data in JSON/BSON format. Since multiple Slave Servers will be n a replication, the data is better to store and retrieved faster from these replication servers. The course covers the practices such as sharding, clustering, indexing best practices and production best practices. Since the courses are conducted by 20 years of experienced faculties the classes will cover all their experience and thus it can influence and make an expert developer and helps you to fast track your career.

MongoDB as a Big Data Solution

MongoDB is also a Big Data solution. Most of the applications needed highly sophisticated Analytical Mongo Operations. We provide very advanced but most needed skills for a full stack developer such as Aggregation Pipelines, MapReduce, and Reactive Processing technique with MongoDB. The course also cover the techniques such as auto-generation of primary and secondary keys. This course covers how Big Data appliances are implemented using MongoDB and Javascript. Data processsing techniques like Data Forge, Data syncing, backup and restore are also covered in the course.

MongoDB as a file store:

The technique for storing files in mongodb and how that can be used as a high performant content store. The process of implementing Mongo GridFS, retrieveal and storage of large Binary files to MongoStore are also discussed and implemented hands on. This will include use cases such as file upload and download. File Listing and update operations to use MongoDB as a Document Store.

Advanced Mongo topologies such as ACID and consistency

To use MongoBD is potential in full fledged it has to be used as a Transactional system compliance to Full ACID compliants. We will train you practice the Eventual consistency and reliability techniques. Partition tolerance management. Sharding and data synching which is most essential skills for developers to go to the next level of expertise.

Express is a framework which is used to build web applications using Node.js. There are many frameworks built on top of Express such as Loopback. There are very good extensions over Express that will help you to implement Enterprise level applications. We cover various server application design patterns and enterprise application development patterns such as Saga and Choreography pattern techniques. The Express Extension are covered in detail and thus you can develop highl performing quality applications. The framework that we cover is very vast in use cases and that is essential for your career growth in server side programming.
Angular is a Javascript based framework to deploy single page browser applications. Typescript is the major topic covered and the application will be developed using it. Angular makes the web application looks like desktop in terms of richness and robustness. Our course contents are 500% more as we cover custom development of directives, pipes and validations. We build 12+ usecase projects as part of the curriculum in Angular alone. Reactive Forms, Rxjs, Dynamic validations, jwt based authentication, Passport for connecting to Facebook, Twitter like social network applications are also covered in detail. Component interactions and child to parent and vise versa are discussed in detail. Routers, multi level routers are also covered.
SOFEA and Microservices from Angular

Service Oriented Front End Architecture is the key concept to use Angular Effectively. The training syllabus focus on client server interaction and discuss all general issues and its solutions implement service oriented applications. Microservices architecture and the best practices are also covered well.

Reactive programming with Rxjs in Angular

Functional and Reactive programming is heavily used in software companies. Literally no developers are hired without knowing the back-pressure technique and multiple-event looping technique as part of worker/saga patterns. Obsever, subscription tequnique, data pipe line and sequential transformations are implemented and parcticed in the class room.

Reactjs is a Javascript based framework to deploy single page browser applications like Angular. Reactjs may be preferred from small to medium web applications. As in Angular there are many default enabled features may not be required for small but high speed web sites. Thus Reactjs and flexible framework works like Redux, Flux etc. can be more suitable.
Node is a platform which can execute Javascript codes. Traditionally Javascript was a language used only at Client side (Browser). However Node will help we can write a javascript application that can run as a server as well. Node has many good framework to build the web application faster. Express is one of them. However there are more extended version of Express is also available like Loopback.
Building Microservices and Serverless Applications using Nodejs

The best practices to build microservices. Service to worker patterns is essential skill for a Nodejs developer along with other patterns like Making Singleton, Decoration, Annotation driven (Declarative programming), Container Injection, Inversion of control, Dependency Injection, Providers, Services selection, Promises and Async methods are covered in detail.


Expertzlab MEAN Stack & Full stack developer course in Kochi contains all the industry required contents and all of them will be implemented in the class with appropriate project usecases. Students will have immense experience in writing code and thus this MEAN Stack training program is a easy gateway to an IT Job as Software Developer.

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