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Angular Training in Kochi

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Angular and ReactJS Training

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What is Angular

Angular is a new generation Single page application development framework using JavaScript. JavaScript is the most adopted and used computer programming language nowadays. Typically in a web application there will be at least three tiers. Front-End, Middle ware and Persistence Tier. Traditionally in web applications, Views are created using generation of HTML elements. There HTML generation was done by running some server side logic/code. It is a waste of resource and dealy in response, When the same view is generated multiple times to different users. It is good to have all these views are pre-constructed and download it from some static web-servers instead of really to hit the application. Thus the load on the application will be less. There will be typically mutliple facaded web servers where by these staic assets are deployed or it will be pushed to CDN networks.
Every one appreciate the skill to create stunning web pages. HTML and CSS3 is the basic skills needed to develope a rich and robust and brandable web pages.
A framework used to build the associated artifacts for Angular. It is a packaging tool for making the associated files to a bundle and ready to deploy in production.
Node Packet Manager is a tool used for developing Angular application. Node will help to run NodeJS runtime on the local machine. The build and other Transilation from TypeScript to JavaScript.
Why Angular
Angular helps to develop rich and robust web application with TypeScript. Typescript is the major topic covered and the application will be developed using it. TypeScript will be Transpiled (Similar to Compile) to Javascript and execute in browser. Angular makes the web application looks like desktop in terms of richness and robustness.
The old but feature rich language which has all kind of technological features are included such as Object Oriented, Functional, Event Driven and Reactive. Javascript is the most sought after and hot language in the developer community.
It helps to reduce the complexities of writing Javascript code. Typescript has Java or C# linke syntax and thus easy to write, maintain. Typescript can be transpiled to Javascript before used in an application during the build process.
Next Generation CSS styling framework. Bootstrap is extensively covered in the course.


Expertzlab MEAN Stack course in Kochi contains all the industry required contents and all of them will be implemented in the class with appropriate project usecases. Students will have immense experience in writing code and thus this MEAN Stack training program is a easy gateway to an IT Job as Software Developer.

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