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Spring Microservice with Java Training in Kochi

Java Spring with Microservices training 
                        in Kochi, Kerala

Java Full stack training (9 Months)

Course Includes Java Programing, Spring Micro Services, Hibernate, (JPA), Spring Data, Spring Boot, Spring Lamda, AWS computing, ReactJS.

What is Spring Micro Services with Java

Spring is one of the best web application development framework in Java world. Using Spring Boot developing micro services is ease. The defacto enterprise stack for years and most of the companies in the world uses this stack.


Web stack and UI building (2 Months)
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Web fundamentals with AJax.
Advanced Java Programming (2 Months)
Complete Java programming with Advanced features like Spring Boot programming, JPA and REST. This also include Spring Security, Spring Data, Spring MVC.
Spring Cloud Micro Services (2 Months)
Spring Cloud and frameworks suchas Hystrix, Ribbon, Consul, Service Discovery etc.
Cloud Computing (2 weeks)
AWS hosting, Regiions and Zones, Availablity Group, Load Balancing, Docker, Kubernetes, ESB, S3 Bucket, AMI Security configuration, RDS, MongoDB etc.
ReactJS (1.5 months)
Full React framework connecting to back end Spring services.


Expertzlab Java, Spring Microservices course in Kochi contains all the industry required contents and all of them will be implemented in the class with appropriate project use cases. Students will have immense experience in writing code and thus this Advanced Data Processing training program is a easy gateway to an IT Job as Software Developer.

    Advanced Java programming and Web Design (2 months)
  • Html, CSS3, Web Design, Bootstrap, Project Web Design, Canvas
  • JavaScript and Advanced JavaScript (1 month Dedicated with all standard algorithms)

  • Java and Object Oriented Programming
  • Java, class, Modifiers, Interfances, Abstract classes, data hiding
  • Nested classes, Exceptions, coditionals, Loops
  • Garbage collection, Constructor, Static factory, copy constructor
  • toString, equals, hashcode, Files, Sockets, Networks, JNI, Streams, Collections
  • RegEx, Iterators, ReactiveJava, Autoboxing, Set, Tree, Queue, DQueue
  • Map, HashMap, WeakReference, Reflections, Annotations, Generics, JDBC, Stored Procedures
  • Theads, ThreadLocal, Executors, enum, Nested classes, Static nested classes
  • Overloading, Overriding, Input and Output Streams, Writer, Reader, NIO, Lambda
  • XML Streams, SAX, Maven, JNI, Java Main, JMS

    ReactJS Training(3 months More)
    ReactJS Components, Class and functional components, State management, Redux, Context API, Router, Multi-level Routers, Data API, Projects: Timer, Album Spotify interface

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