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Robotics with AI and Data Science

Robotics with Artificial Intelligence 
                        Training Kochi, Kerala

Robotics with AI and Data Science

(8 Months)

Roboitics with Reinforcement Learning and appropriate hardware simulations. Course Includes use cases such as Computer Vision, Chatbot, Speech Recognition, Hand written text recognition, Spam Detection, Optical character recognition etc.

What is Robotics with AI and Data Science

Data Science is a core software development skill where Deep Learning is the heart. Data Analytics is the pre-processing activities of Data Science. The preprocessed data is generally used for Machine Learning Modelling. The time taken to run Data Science tasks are critical, When that concerned for huge amount of data to be processed to generate some significant information for decision making. Thus generally Data Science works with Big Data Analytics as well. These skills are generally needed together to make any important usecase completion. Deep Learning is a kind of automated Machine Learning. That means the preprocessing activities are not planned as a predecessor step. However the sampling, featurisation and vectorization are inherent process like automated machine learning in Deep Learning. Robotics is developing a program work as an agent. The program embedded in a hardware will interact with the environment through the sensors and actuators.


Advanced Python Programming (2 Months)
Complete Python programming with Advanced features like Django programming, Visualization using Seaborn and matplotlib graphs, Data re-shaping with Numpy and Pandas.
SciKit Learn (2 Months)
Machine Learning Libarary that supports, Regression, Logistic Regression, Classification, Clusterig, Decision Tree, Random Forest, Statistical algorithms and probability distributions.
TensorFlow and Keras (1 Month)
The number one choice of programmers to implement the Deep Learning Use cases. Direct acyclic Graphs are used to store the relationships. Python based Deep Learning extension over Tensorflow. Keras is widely used for Neural network topology planning, training and execution. CNN, RNN, LSTM and other advanced artificial nueral network use cases can be implemented using Keras Easily.
Cloud Computing (2 weeks)
AWS hosting, Regiions and Zones, Availablity Group, Load Balancing, Docker, Kubernetes, ESB, S3 Bucket, AMI Security configuration, RDS, MongoDB etc.


Expertzlab Data Science course in Kochi contains all the industry required contents and all of them will be implemented in the class with appropriate project use cases. Students will have immense experience in writing code and thus this Data Science training program is a easy gateway to an IT Job as Software Developer.

    Python and Web Design Syllabus (2 Months)
    Machine Learning Syllabus (2 Months)
    Deep Learning Syllabus (2 Months)
  • Reinforcement Learning, Q-Learning, Markove decision, A*-Search, Trees and Graph Search, Pruning
  • Projects:
  • Speech to Text and Text to Speech conversions: MFCC, Mapping speech to Matrix, Creatingl Spectrograms
  • Speech Recognition Classifier, Resample audio, Preprocessing audio wave, convert to deep learning model
  • Building Keras models, Diagnostic Plot, Predictions, Text to Speech, loading waves, CNN models for wave predictions
  • Chatbot from Scratch: Developing chatbots, Retrieval based chatbots, Generative based chatbots, LSTM for chatbot
  • Context, Design of chatbots, Steps for building chatbots, Preprocessing data and loading data, Lemmatize, training and testing
  • Predict Response, Random Intents, Executing Chatbots, Chatbots using CNN, Genism, use of Genism, Wordvec, Intent classifier

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