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(CIN: U72900KL2016PTC046479, Dated: 05/08/2016)

Advanced Javascript and Web Design

Advanced Javascript and Web Design (1 month)
  • Html, CSS3, Web Design, Bootstrap, Project Web Design, Canvas
  • JavaScript and Advanced JavaScript (1 month Dedicated with all standard algorithms)
  • Typescript and Object Oriented Programming (1 month)
  • TypeScript, Object Oriented Principles, Solid Principles, Project
  • Classes, Interfaces, Ambiance, Type Descriptor, Destructive types
  • Angular (latest) (1.5 Months)
  • CLI, Module, Components, Data binding, Providers, Pipes, Directives, Converters, NgModel two way binding, Component to component interactions, Services
  • Forms, Template Driven forms, Reactive Forms, Client side Validations, Bean Validations, Templates, FormControls, FormGroups, Custom Validators, Routing, Child Routing, Nested Routing
  • Custom Pipes, Custom Directives, Validation using Custom Directives, Pagination, NgPaginator, NgBootStrap, File upload, Hierarchical components
  • Communication between nested components, EventEmitter and (RxJs) reactive programming, Streaming, Promises, Listeners and Handlers, HttpClient, Animations, Materials
  • ReactJS (1 Month)
  • Reactjs, Web components, Nested components, Redux, Flux, State management, data binding, event binding
  • Event Driven programming, Big Project with many use cases
  • Node, Express and One Advanced Framework over Express (1 Month)
  • TCP/IP Server, Client, Http Server, Request, Response, Middleware
  • NodeJS
  • REST API, Mongoose, DB Operations, Creating List, Schema, Model, Server side validations,
  • NPM, Buffer, ArrayBuffer, StringBuffer, DataView, Streaming, Piping, Zip, Unzip
  • Callbacks, Synchronous and Asynchronous, Sync, Async, Await, Promises, Event Loop, Emitter, FilesSystem, Globals
  • Utility Module, Web Module, JSON parsing, XML Parsing, MIME, Multitype file formats,, Apex, Data-Forge
  • Roles, Privileges, Authentication, Authorisation, JWT, Passport, Security, Encryption
  • Mongoose CRUD (Create, Read/List, Update, Delete) Operations, MySQL, SQL, Sequelize, Transactions, Session, User Management
  • Nginx, Apache, Heroku, AWS, Elastic Servers, Availability zones, Regions, Load Balancing, Server clustering and grouping
  • Deploying in cloud, cloud computing, scaling, packaging
  • MongoDB and MySQL (1 month)
  • Documents, Collections, Database
  • JSON, BSON, Formats, Insert, Save, Update, Delete, Find, Aggregation Pipelines, Big Data Operations, MapReduce
  • Indexing, Replication, Sharding, Backup, Drop, Remove, Truncate
  • Sorting, Grouping, Wrangling, Unwinding, Data load, Capped Collections, Session Managed Collections
  • Join, Transaction, Inner Join, DbRef, Multi-Collection Aggregations, Single Document and Multi-Document Transactions
    Vue.js, Sevlet, Sapper
  • Definition of components, Nested components, Binding, variable passing
  • Routes, Animation