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Angular Training with MEAN Stack in Kochi

Best Mean Stack training center in Kochi, Kerala

Angular and ReactJS Training with javascript Full Stack

(6 Months)

5 new frameworks which is needed now (2023) in industry in our Syllabus.

What is Angular with MEAN Stack

Angular is the best and mostly used JavaScript based frameworks for building enterprise grade browser based applications. Expertzlab's IT training include Angular with MEAN Stack. Angular is part of MEAN stack is used by all big companies. Javascript and its new versions ES6 to ES9 has lot of new features compared to other programming languages. Angular is used in the presentation tier of the three different layers of a MEAN Stack application. Angular framework download HTML templates and enhance it in the browser. Typically HTML is rendered at Server Side in other frameworks. However Angular helps that most of the work at Client side to render a view. Angular views can be created that acn pointed to any backend apps. Angular helps downloading the client side static assets and render it with browser even without knowing the backend applications about the static assests which are separately used by browser in Desktop or Mobile and Render the views. This makes the rendering view is free from the backend server. Our IT training include 5 new frameworks other than MongoDB Express and Node.js which are known as N3S framework.
The general HTML is not enough. Now refactoring HTML to various patterns are very much needed to be a successful web developer and designer. There are a lot of recommendations to use which HTML tags on what occasions. For example HTML elements are categories into block and inline. Overlay of HTML elements, Lay-outing HTML best practices, transition and animations, SEO and responsive styles and features etc are thoroughly discussed.
CSS3, BootStrap, Material
CSS is now very robust a way lot better than other frameworks like BootStrap or Material. The frameworks like Less or similar is not that needed now as CSS3 itself has alternatives to that. Flex and Grid Layouts are discussed with numerous examples. The display styles like content-box, border-box associated with fit-content options are practices with appropriate examples. Responsive features, CSS Box Model, inter-browser issues, embedding best practices, Server Side call Ajax elements, Status codes, iframes, CSS Selectors, Inheritance of styles, Navigation Bars, Border Styles, Unites like em, rem, wv, hv, font and line weight, Text and Border shadow, blur radius, Text decorations, Text-transforms, Positioning Fixed, Absolute and Sticky, Floating, Menu using flex and grid, align items, flex-grow, flex-shrink, flex-item, order group, min-max, min-content, overflow, fit-content, grid-templates, grid-gap, justify etc.
JavaScript is not only a versatile language now, is the best and the hot technology now. No developer can survive without mastery of JavaScript. From the earlier use of JavaScript which was used as just client side validation to a full-grown server side language is a tremendous change. With the advent of Node.js JavaScript is not only a client side language now, it is heavily used in Server Side as well. We cover in depth features of JavaScript. Its prototypical inheritance feature, Constructor functions, and prototype are unique features that makes JavaScript different and king of programming languages. Expertzlab IT training in Kochi covers every bit and pieces of JavaScript that too with through examples. As you know we believe in practice and thus numerous exercises and samples are discussed in the class, and you practice with that as well. The advanced features like closures, wrapper classes, self executable methods, modules, Prototype chains, higher order functions, functional programming features of JavaScript, arguments, destructuring of arrays and objects, Function call and apply with context object, dict pattern, RegEx, Wrappers and Literals, immutable objects and uses, slice and splice of arrays, function parameters, lambda or arrow functions, Promise framework, Object oriented JavaScript, default values, variable scoping and hoisting etc. are discussed in details with good examples.
ES6 to ES9 Features of JavaScript and TypeScript
JavaScript has a lot of additions in the latest versions. Not only the ES5 features but also the latest features like generator functions, interceptors, Proxy classes, Advanced destructuring, Modules, import and export, Named and Default Exports, Async and wait structures, Iterable with next method, String template and tagged handlers, Symbols, Computed Properties and Object Literals, Set, Map, WeakSet, WeakMap, Serialization issues with Map and Set, Spread and Rest Operators and uses, comparison and typical usage examples. Object.assign, Object.defineProperties, Enumerable Properties, Object.Freeze, Flattening, multi-arity functions,
Angular Routers
Angular has specific routing technique and that can be arranged hierarchically. Our IT training contains numerous samples and hands-on examples to arrange Angular routers in different manner. You will be practicing with parent-child relationships of routers with router spread patterns.
Angular Custom Components
We take you to the deeper and more in depth coverage on building custom components. Not only the regular components that we generate for various business logic but also for custom directives, pipes, Modules etc. We practice the directives custom components for pagination and multi-component view generations. For example you will practice placing multiple views (forms/buttons) programmatically and iteratively creating lists and pagination.
Hierarchical Pages using Angular
Using Angular we will create a full-grown project with various pages includes product listing, product detail, product edit and update. The respective data will be send over DB like fireDB. The navigation and history of pages will be maintained with Angular features like Intern and Child pages. Declarative style of property sync between components are key here.
Node.js for working with Angular
A platform like Angular is well integrated with Nodejs for developer convenience. Developer and build time features are more integrated with NodeJS. Packaging, web development related features are thorougly discussed.


Expertzlab MEAN Stack course in Kochi contains all the industry required contents and all of them will be implemented in the class with appropriate project usecases. Students will have immense experience in writing code and thus this MEAN Stack training program is a easy gateway to an IT Job as Software Developer.

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