Programming and Software Engineering are not Same

Most of the institues teach you programming. But they may not be knowing that programming is not Same as Software Engineering and Software Development. We have observed that most of the training happens just learn syntax and working code. Do you really know that is a bad pattern? Working code is not enough, but the software development concept and and practice more valuable. Over a period when you learn from the right place the right practice you can grow more in terms of position, role and salary.

Why should Software company pay you a lot?

If you are not just a programmer but a Software Engineer knows Software Development best practices and patterns that will attract more success and money:
Expertzlab Technologies Pvt. Ltd. ( is very different from other training companies because the trainers at expertzlab knows the difference between programming and software engineering and development. We at Expertzlab not just training you on syntax and programming tips. We give you a practice including best of the methods, approaches, tools and frameworks to become a real software engineer who will be also very successful.

Don't go for training to just learn programming and techniques:
Most of the training institutes they just shows how to write program. That is not enough you to be a successful software engineer. What is important is to understand the best practice and certain design and architectural styles. The way most of the programmers write code is such a way it may not last for couple of days. They may not think about the changes that can bring over a time. When such changes comes to the code how is it going to survive?
What makes you a better software engineer and Developer?
Do you write test first and then code or directly jump and write your code first? It has a lot of difference. The thought process and engineering concept has to be brought on to the table when you design or propose a solution. How would your code and cotent will survive the changes which are obvious. Do the software training centers consider these most important aspects of software engineering.

Ability to write code that will survive future changes is the key:

Are you writing code/programming for maintainable or just working code? There is a big difference in between. Any one can just write a working code, but it is so difficult and has lot of pain and effort requied to write code maintainable. There are a lot of tips and techniques that will be imparted from the senior developers who work with you teach you Software engineering software development. Are you writing code just as a software manual tester how look at the features and just trying to make the code workable? Then your code and your organisation will have difficulty to survive. The code that you write will become obsolete and difficult to change. That is the end of your organization and thus your career.

How to write maintainable code?

Working code and maintable code are way different. You will have to think about the future possible changes. What are the patterns and design improvements can bring later. Extendability of the software when changes are brought is the key. You will have to keep the balance applying appropriate abstraction and cohension. There is a difference in velocity of change for certain part of the application. When you identify the slow changing part of your application and abstract it your application architecture will be slowly grow or make more clear.
Architecture elements of Software Engineering and Development:
You can learn several principles like what are the common architectural principles that you can follow a particular case. For example how to use effectively reactive principles, when would you apply proactive concepts. Event Driven and Functional principles. Use of closure, 2nd degree functions, binding best practices like apply and call methods, enricher and validation patterns, Common Domain Modeling, Event source replay, command and query seggregation, Design principles like Single Responsibility, Interface seggregation, Interface Pollution, Open closed principles, Liskov substitution rules etc.
Design Driven and Model Driven development is the order of the day in good companies. Are you good in behavioral driven testing? How do you measure your test coverages. How do you apply the security best practices. Do you use property file encryption, sensitive tokenization and dummy value masking? What are the patterns (design and architectural patterns) do you consider. There are a lot of creational, behavioural and structural patterns that you can consider. Do you practice domain driven design and development? What are the best practices that makes the code will long live? At Expertzlab Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Palarivattom, Kochi, Kerala, we cover all these concepts with all our courses. You will no longer be just a programmer but an actual Software Developer and Engineer that is the difference we have. Join our courses like Artificial Intelligence with Data Science, Big Data Analytics with Cloud computing Engines 2.0, Fullstack development in both JavaScript and Python including Angular and Reactjs will make you a well disciplined and effiecient software programmer and will deserve to be called as a Software Engineer or Developer than just a programmer.
Yeah, You can contact for futher information on this, Gireesh Babu, Expertzlab Technologies Pvt. Ltd.