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Software Architecture Training in Kochi

Software Architecture training in Kochi, Kerala

Software Architecture Foundations:

(4 Months)

Be a Junior Software Architect, Certified and trained by 25 years experienced Senior Enterprise Architect.

Be a Software Architect learning from Experts:

Defining, elaborating and implementing software architecture is the best technological job in the world. Learn it from the Expert having more than 25 years of experience in Software Development and 15 years in Architecting software.

Architecture skills: (1 Month)

Defining Software Architecture, Expectations of an Architect, Make Architecture Decisions, Continually Analyze Architecture, Keep Current with Latest Trends, Ensure compliance with Decisions, Diverse Exposure and Experience, Have Business Domain Knowledge, Possess Interpersonal skills, Engineering Practices, Operations and Devops, Process and Data.
Architecture Thinking (1 Month)
Architecture versus Design, Technical Breadth, Analyzing Tradeoffs, Understanding Business Drivers, Balancing Architecture and Hands-on Coding, Modularity, Measuring Modularity, Cohesion, Coupling, Abstractness, Instability, Distance from the Main Sequence, Consequence, Unifying Coupling, Connascence Metrics. From Modules to Components, Architecture Characteristics Definition and Identification, Operational Characteristics, Structural Characteristics, Cross-Cutting Architecture Characteristics, Trade- Offs and Least Worst Architecture, Extracting Architectural Characteristics from Domain Concerns and Requirements, Explicit and Implicit Characteristics, Measuring Architecture Characteristics, Operational, Structural and Process Measures, Governance and Fitness Functions, Scope of Architecture Characteristics, Coupling and Connascence, Architectural Quanta and Granularity, Component based thinking, Component Scope, Architect Role, Architecture Partitioning, Developer Role, Component Identification Flow, Identifying initial components, Assign Requirements to components, Analyze Roles and Responsibilities, Analyze Architecture Characteristics, Restructure components, Component Granularity, Component Design, Discovering Components, Architecture Quantum Redux, Choosing Between Monolithic Versus Distributed Architecture.
Architecture Styles (1 Month)
Fundamental patterns, Big Ball of Mud, Unitary Architecture, Client/Server, Monolithic vs Distributed Architecture, Reliability, Latency, Bandwidth, Security, Topology, Transport Cost, Homogeneous Networks, Layered Architectural Style, Topology, Layers of Isolation, Adding Layers, Pipleline Architecture Style, Pipes, Filters, Microkernel Architecture Style, Registry, Contracts, Service Based Architectural Style, Service Design and Granularity, Database Partitioning, Event Driven Architecture Style, Broker Topology, Mediator Topology, Asynchronous Capabilities, Error Handling, Preventing Data Loss, Broadcast Capabilities, Request-Reply, Choosing Between Request-Based and Event Based, Hybrid Event-Driven Architectures, Space Based Architecture Style, Processing Unit, Virtualized Middleware, Data Pumps, Data Writers, Data Readers, Data Collisions, Cloud Versus Online Implementations, Replication Versus Distributed Caching, Near-Cache Considerations, Orchestration-Driven Service-Oriented Architecture, Business Services, Enterprise Services, Application Services, Infrastructure Services, Orachestration Engine, Message Flow, Reuse and Coupling, Microservice Architecture, History, Bounded Context, Data Isolation, API Layer, Operatonal Reuse, Frontends, Communication, Choreography and Orchestraton, Transactions and Saga, Choosing Appropriate Architecture Style, Shifting Fashion in Architecture, Decision Criteria,

Techniques and Soft skills: (1 Month)

Architect should have enough communication and influencing skills.
Architecture Decisions and Anti patterns, Covering your asset anti-pattern, Groundhog Day Anti-pattern, Architecturally Significant requirements, Architecture Decision Records, Basic Structure, Storing ADRs, ADRs as Documentation, Using ADRs for Standards. Analyzing Architectural Risk, Risk Matrix, Risk Storming, Identification and Consensus, Agile Story Risk Analysis, Risk Storming Examples. Diagramming and Presenting Architecture, Tools, UML, C4, and ArchiMate, Diagram Guidelines, Presenting, Manipulating Time, Icremental Builds, InfoDecks vs presentations, Slides are half of the story, invisibility. Making team effective, Team Boundaries, Architect Personalities, Control Freak, Armchair Architect, Effective Architect, Team warning signs, Leveraging Checklists, Developer Code completion checklist, Unit and Functional Testing checklist, Providing Guidance, Negotiation and Leadership skills, Negotiation and Facilitation, Negotiating with Business Stakeholders, Negotiating with Other Architects, Negotiating with Developers, The software Architect as a Leader, The 4 C's of Architecture, Be Pragmatic, Yet Visionary, Leading Teams by Example, Developing a Career Graph, The 20-Min Rule, Developing a Personal Radar, Using Social Media.

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