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Full stack Python Training in Kochi with Microservices

Best Python Full stack traing in Kochi, Kerala

Python Full stack training

(2.5 Months)

Focused training on Python and Angular so that backend and front end can be developed in full scope.

What is Python full stack

Python is a programming laguage with full object oriented aspects included. Python is very easy to learn and very difficult to self induce some bugs as certain conventions are to be followed will prevent it. We cover Python Django and its web application skills in depth with Advanced Javascript. You will learn how to develope a visualization engine as python fullstack web application. Full stack means this will cover both visual (UI) and processing (busines) and persistence (Data base) layer. Rich Front end with SOFEA (Service Oriented Front end Architecture) will be built with Angular which is the popualar Javascript based framework for building desktop like gui which can be rendered in browser. Both SQL and No-SQL like MongoDB will be discussed so that any type of sull scale applications using Python stack can be developed easily.

Why this course is very important for new gen Developers.

Python Full Stack, Angular, Advanced Javascript, MySQL, MongoDB and Microservices
What is Visualization, what are the libraries involved?
We will also cover exploratory data analysis using Python. Mean we teach you how to use Seaborn, Numbpy and Pandas combination to process data and visualize it. Seaborn is an extension library to Matpotlib. Thus we will be using both Matplotlib and Seaborn for visualization of the data in report like PDF or any other type.


Advanced Python Programming (2 Months)
Complete Python programming with Advanced features like Django programming, Visualization using Seaborn and matplotlib graphs, Data re-shaping with Numpy and Pandas. Expertzlab is the best python training academi in Kochi.

Django Web adn REST Programming
Web serivce API and User based management. Admin role / user role authentication, user creation, password, password reset.

Web Site Development Skills
HTML, CSS3, BootStrap. The essential web site development tool kits. We take you through various design and stylesheet tricks and advanced skills that will enable you to be a professional web application developer. Web site development is not only just technology. But there are lot of design and Creative aspect around it. Ability to apply good styles and layout is key. Expertzlab is the the best python academy in Kochi which has courses with these features blended. Means not only highly advanced cutting technology, but it will be trained with asethetic and style/layout defining skills.

Advanced JavaScript
Advanced Javascript includes the most important and highly advanced concepts like Prototype object, Object level extraction, Javascript Patterns, Charts and Visualizations. Our python couses is not just Python alone. It makes you full stack developer. It goes to advanced concept of using Javascript in the front page and use the excellent libraries like Jquery which will make you Ajax development possible. Expertzlab is thus considered the best python training adademy in Kochi.

Cloud Computing
Can you believe it how Expertzlab the number one python training company and academy helps their interns to be an experts that too free. At Expertzlab software training company, Palarivattom Kochi, we provide absolutely 30,000 worth AWS cloud computing free the Python training course!! Thus Expertzlab IT training centers course becomes the best in the city. The syllabus contains: AWS hosting, Regions and Zones, Availablity Group, AMI, Load Balancing, Docker, Kubernetes, ESB, S3 Bucket, AMI Security configuration, RDS, MongoDB, Serverless Lambda, SQS, Beanstack, lightsail.

Free Data Analysis with Full stack Python
Use Webscraping technique like Scrapy and Beautiful soup to scrape data Store it in various file system and do data analytics using python scripting. Use Numpy, Pandas, Scipy to analyse data like cricket score, medical analysis etc.


Expertzlab Python full stack training course in Kochi contains all the industry required contents and all of them will be implemented in the class with appropriate project use cases. Students will have immense experience in writing code and thus this full stack training program is a easy gateway to an IT Job as Software Developer.

    Advanced Python programming and Web Design (2 months)
  • Html, CSS3, Web Design, Bootstrap, Project Web Design, Canvas
  • JavaScript and Advanced JavaScript (1 month Dedicated with all standard algorithms)

  • Python and Object Oriented Programming
  • conditional and control statements, Nested conditionals and loops
  • Recursion, importing and creating libraries, Packages, Functions
  • Built in functions, Variables and assignment and scopes, stack frames
  • creating a module and install it, Encapsulation, Generalisation, returning values
  • Composition of functions, Iteration, String manipulations, Searching and Matching
  • Enumeration, Collections Module, Iterators, Creating Iterators, using yield
  • Generators, Benefits of Generators, Chaining Generators, Decorators, Sequence Unpacking
  • Python, Object Oriented Principles, Solid Principles, Project
  • Classes, Interfaces, Abstract classes, packages, Destructive types
  • Dictionary, List, Set, Tuples, Tree, Dqueue, Heap, OrderedDict, List operations
  • Sorting, Slicing, Map and Reduce, Split, Delimiter, Objects, Variable sharing objects
  • Multi lists, Functional programming, Global variables, Mutal global variables, PIP, Virtual environments
  • Numpy, Pandas, Images, Videos data formats, Matrix Representations

  • Visualization techniques and Adavanced Javascript
  • Javascript DOM, Events, Objects, Callback, Promise, Patterns, Charts
  • Prototype, Object oriented concepts, Canvas, Even Driven programming
  • Asynchronous programming, functional programming and reactive programming

  • Django advanced web site and REST API development
  • Full stack training, MySQL, SQL and Advanced SQL, Django framework
  • User roles, Authentication, Authorization, creating new users, password change/reset
  • forgot password, token generation, REST Services, PyUnit, Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Behaviour Driven Programming (BDD)

How are we different from others?

  • By Developers for Developers (100% Software Development 100% Hands on training)
  • Placed more than 200 only in Python Full Stack alone
  • You will do at least 20 project use cases as part of the course in house with the trainer
  • Experienced Faculties, More than 15+ years experienced 3 members in house total 10 trainers
  • Focused on coding skill development and by 2.5 months you become an Industry Expert
  • Dedicated lab sessions with numerous (20+) Projects/Use cases
  • Monthly Installments, Card Payment (Credit Card Accepted)
  • Loan Facility for eligible candidates
  • Amazing Discounts for eligible candidates, come with your Income and recommendation certificates, get Free Training
  • Nactet Certificate and Government of India Discounts for SC/ST students (Showing Proof or certificates)
  • Interviews until you get placed in an IT company thus Assured placements.
  • Data Analytics and visualisation based course thus more towards latest trends in the industry
  • Free cloud computing with Heroku and AWS cloud providers
  • Provision to upgrade to JavaScript based Machine Learning and Deep Learning (AI)
  • Provision to upgrade to Blockchain programming with Deep Learning chains Technology

Our Other Programs/Courses:

The Courses are comprehensive, trained by the best of faculty with many years of experience and with a huge focus on use-case driven training. The focus on use-case driven training, where the emphasis is on practical’s rather than theoretical itself is game-changer.

Easy Placements and assured Job!

Our students are getting easily placed with preferred corporates, and they have come back to us for more students from us which shows that our training methodology is working great. Our students are on a path to dream jobs in the IT sector. The fact that most of these technologies are getting increasingly adopted, and there is huge dearth of skills makes it imperative that the students shift gears and start adopting new technology platforms as part of the skillset.

The disruption with Indian IT has begun, and the next phase is for people who quickly adapt to the Gen 4.0 technologies. And irrespective of whether you are a corporate looking for our students or students who want to jumpstart their career, Expertzlab is the best partner for you.


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Our trainers are certified professionals working in the industry over 20+ years of expertize

Special Techniques
Our courses are categorized in to activity and project labs to get a feel of real project experiance.


Qualified Staff
Our Qualified trainers from industry give you best professional Knowledge.

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