5 Steps to become a Successful Software Developer:

Software Development is also an art, as it is an Engineering practice. Step by Step activities and practice can make you an expert software developer.

Why should you become a software developer?

If you are an expert software developer it will bring a lot of Money:
You may be already knowing that there are many expert developers in every IT company who draw more than 10 Lakhs in a month. It is not a surprise that a well grounded software Developer having around 10 to 15 years of experience can get a salary of 8 to 10 lakhs per month. It is a lot of money but that is not just coming over a night, there needed a lot of hardwork and practices to become such a practitioner.

You have to be a practitioner than just a developer:
Yes, there is a lot of difference between just becoming a software developer and A Software Development Practitioner. A practitioner looks at various problems in different project that is published and discussed, and try to find solutions and practice to implement it. You will need to build a collection of software built for recurring problems. You will have to troubleshoot and teak for performance and other non functional that needed to become your solution is the best. Tweaking parameters and testing the solution for various real life problems and solutions is the key to become a practitioner. It is misconception in the industry that developers build the software and testers test it. In reality the developer itself has to do so many level of verfications and those verifications are don through various level of automated testing. Manual testing can reveal a human can use it, but capacity of the system to handle load concurrency, scaling requirements are to be verified.
Practice make you a Software Crafts man:
A software developer becomes a craftman when he/she equips with a lot of traits. Ability to identify software development patterns, integration patterns will make you a different level. Knowing varions creational, behavioural, structural patterns for various technologies is key. Ability to use various tools like Git, Linux commands, Shellscripts, SQL statements, internet routing, cloud computing and its configurations, unit and integration testing like Test driven development, Behavioural Driven Development tools like Junit, Cucumber, Specks, Seleneum etc are every day requirements. Becoming a practitioner means using all these skills every day as frequently as possible and thus become skilled and behave as a Software crafts man.

Where do you start:

Following and listen the talks from the industry leaders is the key. Martin fowler and his books like Software architectural patterns, elements of re-usable Object Oriented design, and numerous other books and articles in thoughtworks website as blogs will help you. Uncle Bob, Richman, Eric, Kent Beck etc. are thought leadears in this area and follow them and learn from them, familiarise with the trends and topics they discuss now. Watch their youtube videos, read their articles and follow them on twitter and LinkedIn etc will help you to get a start and shape your developer mindset.

What is more Important:

For a software developer to grow in the industry like a module lead, project lead Architect, Senior and Enterprise Architect, Solution Architect, VP Engineering, CTO etc. there are some foundations were the developer to be strong. SOLID principles which talk about Single Responsibility Principle, Open Closed Principle, Liskove Substitution Principles, Interface Segregation Principles, Dependency Inversion Principle etc are key stones to build the foundation. Then understanding the Domain Driven Design and Lean Architecture that is something will help you to become a solid Technology person.
Every day learn something, practice something new:
Make it s a habit, before you sleep everyday you need to learn something new. New language, new constructs, Database, Integration frameworks, web application frameworks etc that can be anything. Try that and understand in what circumstance you can use it. Poly language skills are order of the day. You can't stick with a single programming language anymore. Depending on the situation and context (may what your client uses or likes) you will have to work on different technologies and programming languages, learn as much as possible and uderstand the concepts behind it. You will see a way to practive those skills and understand how it is used across various technolgies and solutions that you can build.
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