New Generation Application hosting: Microservice Architecture and Application building practices.

Microservices based architecture deployment and best practices are discussed here.

  • Micro Services features:
  • Fine Graned Services
    • Scale to the best and thus no worry about server crash
  • Liveraging clould computing infrastructure
  • Docker Containers for deployemnt
  • Kubernetes based container Orchestration
  • Service Mesh based Microservice architecture enhancements

Why Microservices:

Where do we apply microservices?:
Are they used in all applications and what is the best practice to use microservices? There some people think Microservices, cloud computing etc are not part of Data Science, Big Data Analytics. Stay away from them, as they are incompetant and they are derailing from you the right track. Do you know Data Science how really used in companies like us and our clients. They are real developer skills and used for solving problems that we can't solve using traditional tools. Do you think as some incompetant people say, data science is just visualisations and statistics and machine learning. No. If that is the case decades were were doing the same. Every developers know how to data mine, cluster and visualise and explore data and present in web pages? If someone exploring data and trying to understand the data content and gain insights how it can be different as we developers were doing the same for couple of decades.
Understand Data science is for solving issues that traditional programming can't. We need AI like features to implement them. For example to recognise the face or voice a person. For Cyber Security Analysis, for Virualreality constructs, for Chatbots, Sentimental Analysis we can't simply use traditional tools. We need AI Oriented Data science tequnique. Learning preliminary machine learning and Deep Learning is just the primary stepping stone and that won't help to gain any job or buiding your career. You will have to learn advanced Deep Learning topics like Reinforcement Learning, Generative Adversarial Network, Advanced RestNet techniques. Are you ready for next generation tool and software building. We can really teach you the real Data Science. The only one center in Kerala to learn it. Expertzlab Technologies Pvt Ltd, Palrivattom, Kochi.
Will bring more contents in this regard watch this space.